Ode to Odilon 4


Encaustic Wax Painting on Cradled Wood Panel, 4″ x 4″

Odilon Redon has always inspired Lynn’s work, not only because he was a pastelist, but he also abstracted organic nature into its simplest forms, or created his own imaginary flowers based off of the reality in front of him. This series of four Odes to Odilon intensifies the colors of flowers beyond their reality and plays with their environment in playful touches of color. It seems only natural that a love for color would draw Lynn and Odilon Redon to vibrant flowers, so perfect in their gilding. Though a “tiny” composition, measuring 4×4″, the intimacy of this small composition brightens an entire space with its intense colors and happy composition.



-Original Painting Size: 4” x 4”

MATERIALS: Encaustic wax on cradled wood panel.

Encaustic paintings are very durable. The beeswax and resin are impervious to moisture, making them extremely archival; they will not yellow or darken. Do not frame encaustics under glass; there is no need. Plus, you will loose the beauty of the wax and how the light plays with the painting.  If you wish to add a frame around the edges, choose one that will extend in height beyond the surface of the painting, thereby protecting the edges.

Even though they are extremely archival, encaustics should be handled with care to avoid scratching the surface and to protect the edges. Do not subject the painting to extreme temperatures; do not leave in a hot car, outside in the direct sun or subject it to extreme cold.  They do best in stable temperatures between 40-125 degrees Farenheit.

Encaustic paintings may develop “bloom”, a hazy white residue, in the first year as the wax is curing.  It is completely normal and is easily removed by gently wiping the surface with a soft cloth.  I use an old cotton pillow case.  I think it is good practice to wipe the painting surface at least once a quarter to maintain the beauty of the piece. A soft cloth can be used to buff and shine the finish and to clean of any dust or residue.

NOTE: Colors may vary slightly from screen to print.


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Dimensions 4 × 4 in